Marmoset Brain Connectivity Atlas

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Majka P., Bai S., Bakola S., Bednarek S., Chan J.C., Jermakow N., Passarelli L., Reser D.H., Theodoni P., Worthy K.H., Wang X-J., Wójcik D.K., Mitra P.P. & Rosa M.G.P. (2020). Open access resource for cellular-resolution analyses of corticocortical connectivity in the marmoset monkey. Nature Communications.

Majka P., Chaplin T.A., Yu, H.-H., Tolpygo A., Mitra P.P., Wójcik D.K., & Rosa M.G.P. (2016). Towards a comprehensive atlas of cortical connections in a primate brain: Mapping tracer injection studies of the common marmoset into a reference digital template. Journal of Comparative Neurology, 524(11), 2161–2181.
The Marmoset Brain Connectivity Atlas Project is conducted by researches from the Marcello Rosa's lab at the Monash University, and the Laboratory of Neuroinformatics, at the Nencki institute of Experimental Biology.

Principal Investigators:

  • Prof. Marcello Rosa (Monash University)
  • Dr. Piotr Majka (Nencki Institute)

Collaborating Investigators:

  • Dr. Nafiseh Atapour Dr. Nafiseh Atapour, Monash University
  • Dr. Sophia Bakola Dr. Sophia Bakola, Monash University
  • Dr. Kathleen Burman Dr. Kathleen Burman, Monash University
  • Dr. Michela Gamberini Dr. Michela Gamberini, Univeristy of Bologna
  • Prof. Partha Mitra Prof. Partha Mitra, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
  • Dr. Lauretta Passarelli Dr. Lauretta Passarelli, Univeristy of Bologna
  • Dr. David Reser Dr. David Reser, Monash University
  • Prof. Daniel Wójcik Prof. Daniel Wójcik, Nencki Institute

Collaborating Students:

  • Sylwia Bednarek Sylwia Bednarek, Nencki Institute
  • Lorenzo Canalini Lorenzo Canalini, Univeristy of Bologna
  • Daniele Impieri Daniele Impieri, Univeristy of Bologna
  • Shakira Snell Shakira Snell, Monash University

IT infrastructure
and web development:

  • Shi Bai Shi Bai, Monash University

Technical and assistant personnel:

  • Johnathan Chan Johnathan Chan, Monash University
  • Dr. Ianina Hutler Wolkowicz Dr. Ianina Hutler Wolkowicz, Monash University
  • Natalia Jermakow Natalia Jermakow, Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology
  • Daria Malamanova Daria Malamanova, Monash University
  • Karyn Richardson Karyn Richardson, Monash University
  • Katrina Worthy Katrina Worthy, Monash University
  • Sherry Zhao Sherry Zhao, Monash University
Other publications
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